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Play schools are future of all of us, as they nourish the children for the better tomorrow. At the very same our society lacks for better play school which can take care of children form the very initial age for the right guidance.

i-SCHOOL has made this very simple! If you feel like a teacher/individual who really willing to have its own play school with very low cost to start and run and better education facilities for the children, you may apply for the branch at you place.

i-SCHOOL is a easy to start, very transparent and an effective play school chain by eduMETA group. We provide complete setup, system and support instantaneously.

It could be the great enterpreanuership too for anyone who seeks for it and want to put his efforts in change in education.

We help you run you school after setup and provide day to day support.

As an eduMETA team, we begins its third year, we enter a critical and exciting moment as a group. Over the past three years, we've grown from a single room school house with 12 students to a network of centers ready to serve hundreds of students.

Our goal is to make the best education the one that the most children can experience. To that end, it has been essential to approach these early years in learning mode; to test, evaluate and iterate on a technology platform designed to enable schools everywhere to offer a whole-child, personalized education for each student. Summer of 2017 is a turning point for eduMETA. We are on the cusp of the next phase of our journey, where we'll begin expanding our platform to partner schools across the country. We will continue to learn and adapt our approach and tools through those partnerships, continuously broadening their capabilities and enriching the quality of data, insights, and best practices. Over the next couple of years, we'll grow that base of partner schools powered by eduMETA i-SCHOOL, as we look towards a future where children can experience a personalized education that truly prepares them for their future.

Our Values

Students thrive when they understand how and why they learn. By voluntarily setting high standards for social contribution, responsibility, and accountability to a greater good, we are distinguishing ourselves within the education sector by modeling a better way to do business for our students, families, and schools.

With rich experience we are providing the better education platform to our parents with very low cost. Instead of taking standard test, we take part in their intelligence development process.

Be Part of the i-school, an intelligent School, for your child

i-SCHOOL is a pre-school chain

i-SCHOOL is a pre-school chain

  • PLAY GROUP: Where Young Children Start Learning About Life Skills
  • NURSERY: Introductory Class

We believe that children are having enormous potential and learning capacity, therefore we have introduced basic life skills and language skills from very initial level. It includes:

  • Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • English
  • French
  • Logical Math
  • &
  • General awareness

We have also added YOGA, SPORTS & DRAMA too for better learning at pre-school level.


  • International learning pattern: based on curriculum of singapore & finland
  • Intelligent class learning worksheets
  • Individual e-learning tool for children (computer tablets) for audio-visual learning to support curriculum & better grasping
  • Child centric approach instead of class centric approach of teaching
  • Real activity based learning (RABL)
  • Celebrations, events, projects & regular stage speaking activities
  • Leader-follower concept of learning
  • Real skills & development based report card
  • Mobile application for quick/immediate sharing of thoughts between teacher-parent-principal
  • Flexible syllabus for sure learning
  • Outdoors to bring the hidden explorer out

Mobile App

To support day to day activity updates we have introduced a mobile app FREE to all our parents. The main features are:

  • Downloadable on multiple devices for better update
  • Online morning attendance in class and notification to parents
  • Pre-notification of all the events and celebration on your mobile
  • Direct teacher-parent interaction/communication – chat system
  • Parent-principal direct communication
  • Homework/syllabus handy all the time
  • Class notes & teachers comment directly to parents on their phone
  • Secured by your individual editable password system
  • Photograph sharing
  • Digital escort card for pick up of children from school
  • Fees notification and complete details

Innovative Curriculum

The curriculum is based on international pattern of Finland and Singapore like countries, it’s been taken care that children do more activities to learn things, rather than traditional classroom studies.

Children learn better by doing! At i-SCHOOL we make children learn by real activity based learning (RABL). As we know children loves playing, and at i-SCHOOL the entire syllabus is knitted around play activities only. So the children never feel they are doing something unwanted or which is not of their liking.

The syllabus seeks for holistic development of child and work on all possible areas of growth. It includes:-

  • Outdoor games
  • Events
  • Celebrations
  • Sports
  • Rhymes session
  • Story telling
  • Stage speaking
  • Free play
  • Movie club
  • Clay modeling
  • Sand pit
  • Dance
  • Languages
  • Logical reasoning
  • Montessori equipments etc.


Care is something which no one can define in words. It’s an integral part of syllabus at i-school centers. At the initial age children connect more with people who takes best care of them. Our pedagogy knows what is really required for children under our roof; we provide education with supreme care and love.


Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. Children at i-school are allowed to explore new things every single day. We put them in environment where they can strive for new things each day.

Much the children will explore the same they will learn. At i-school they become happy with using their creativity.

innovative Learning

We all know that visuals (especially audio-visual) help us learn better. We at i-School try to do the same when it comes to learning; we have made learning very fun filled and innovative. Children use tools like tablets, single custom worksheets, flash cards, story enactment etc. to learn better.

Stress Free Growth

Learning should be free flow and complete fun. Stress comes when it is not reaching children in a natural way. At i-SCHOOL we make them learn fun way by using their sub-conscious mind. Children like doing fun, if you put something made-up around fun, they will catch up. We develop their skills with total fun and with required pace and care.

Stress Free & Innovative Learning is Our Kindergarten Special Feature!

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