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K. K. Sharma (B. Tech IIT-K)

K. K. Sharma Sir is awarded as best student in IIT-K, He is having rich 19 years experience in the filed of education. He is also the founder of Rankers Point a most celebrated institution for preparation of IIT-JEE & Medical students in central India. He himself teaches physics and is one of the finest known mentor for IIT-JEE & Medical aspirants.

He is the mentor for Rankers International School, GCJ Senior Secondary School & Edumeta THE i-SCHOOL and involved in nourishment of these brands for the service of the society.

Our mission is to enable all children to reach their potential with happiness.

CEO Nayan Sharma (M.B.A.)

Director of Rankers Point, the best known educational institute for higher studies in central India. Educationist by profession, part of American Montessori foundation.

Expert of early childhood education keenly observed the same by group schools for last 12 years. Conducted several seminars on child care & parenting. He is a strong believer of change in education system for better academics instead of better infra as we now a days.

We provide comprehensive platform to personalize learning in schools, with the goal of making the best education the most accessible.

Director Dr. Vandana Sharma (Ph.D.)

Dr. Vandana Sharma is firm believer of a making best education affordable and accessible to all. She is having rich experience of academics, was topper at school and university level. Her Ph.D. theses published in London research papers.

She is a research hand in education and its libration to teachers and children. she is in strong favour of child centric education instead of regular class centric teaching.

Technology and knowledge are transforming society at an accelerating rate. It’s time to accelerate our thinking about learning too!

Director Nidhi Sharma (MBA)

Nidhi Sharma is head of innovation at i-SCHOOL. She believes that technology can transform the way we learn today; still we should apply it in very intelligent way that it remains a tool only.

After completing her MBA from Symbiosis, Pune, Scdl. She started researching early childhood education by observing children in real classroom setup. She found that most of schools are teaching kids instead of providing them the environment they seeks for upbringing. She is firm believer that we can’t raise children, it is a automatic process we just have to provide a better continuous environment to shape them.


Nayan Sharma
Dr. Vandana Sharma
Nidhi Sharma

Advisory Board

Shirish Kanungo
Sheetal Kanungo
Nitin Gupta
B. Tech.

R&D Innovations

Jaswant Shah
B.Tech. IIT-I
Rohit Agrawal
B.Tech. IIT-I
Kaustubh Mundra
B.Tech IIT-K

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Our faculty is engaged with teaching and research to push the boundaries of human knowledge. We offer an unparalleled student experience. eduMETA have different programmers for different people and age groups to develop the hidden talent of individual. We continuously try to update and enhance our system as per the need of our students & society at large and make sure that it should benefit more and more students. We consider every hour of training at eduMETA very interactive and useful and try to put best efforts for best output needed with great comfortable environment for students as well as educators.

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