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eduMETA is a team of MBA, PhD., & IIT graduates, who wants to bring the positive change in education, with the aim of more better and affordable education everywhere with easy accessibility for all. For more than a decade we were central India’s best and biggest brand in training children for higher education. We were also among the schools that started technology enabled learning in small towns of country 12 years back. Started by opening our first school in 2004 and, since that time, we have again founded few schools across Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh. In partnership with our educators, our technology and academic design teams have created a platform to personalize learning and innovated school learning for small children. eduMETA currently runs a network of morning pre-schools, that we call intelligent-schools & evening programs for pre-kindergarten through 7th grade students. Our good research & content team of PhD., MBA & IITians continuously monitor and upgrade the content as per the current need of children. Our centers range in size from 40 to 120 students and offer mixed aged learning environments to children aged 4 to 14years, where technology helps educators create personalized, foundational knowledge and project based & Real-Activity-Based-Learning (RABL) experiences focuses on developing the whole child from the very initial level. We’re in to the process of building a network of partner schools who share a similar aim of transforming educational experiences for their students. Using THE i-SCHOOL’s platform and the knowledge garnered from our other schools, partner schools are optimizing their processes and creating their own whole child, personalized learning environments.

Technology and knowledge are transforming society at an accelerating rate. It’s time to accelerate our thinking about learning too!


As an eduMETA THE i-SCHOOL team, we begin its fifth year; we enter a critical and exciting moment as a group. Over the past two years, we’ve grown from an idea to bring change in education to presence in 7 cities in central India, a network of centers ready to serve hundreds of students. Our Vision is to make the best education the one that the most children can experience. To that end, it has been essential to approach these early years in learning mode, to test, evaluate and iterate on a technology platform designed to enable schools everywhere to offer a whole-child, personalized education for each student. We are on the cusp of the next phase of our journey, where we’ll begin expanding our platform to partners across the country through presence in several states simultaneously. We will continue to learn and adapt our approach and tools through those partnerships, continuously broadening their capabilities and enriching the quality of data, insights, and best practices. Over the next couple of years, we’ll grow that base of partner schools powered by eduMETA THE i-SCHOOL, as we look towards a future where children can experience a personalized education that truly prepares them better for their brighter future.

Our aim is to deliver holistic, personalized learning so that every child can reach their potential. Comprehensive platform to personalize learning in our schools, with the prime goal of making the best education the most accessible to all.

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Our faculty is engaged with teaching and research to push the boundaries of human knowledge. We offer an unparalleled student experience. eduMETA have different programmers for different people and age groups to develop the hidden talent of individual. We continuously try to update and enhance our system as per the need of our students & society at large and make sure that it should benefit more and more students. We consider every hour of training at eduMETA very interactive and useful and try to put best efforts for best output needed with great comfortable environment for students as well as educators.

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